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What is new in Milan fashion week 2014 is the abundance of street style-inspired designs that graces the catwalk. So, what good could this bring to you? Well, to begin with, you can draw inspirations for your own style from the more down to earth sources. It is easy to find haute couture designs in a fashion week like this but it is not so if you want to have something to wear in daily basis. Street styles displayed in this year’s fashion week in Milan could be the ones that you use as your personal references for future use.

Milan fashion week 2014 features the likes of Sarah Harris, who makes use of cowboy-inspired elements to create her designs. On her hands, shaggy frays have never been so in tune with catchiness and chic by coupling a fringe shirt together with a button down. Braid, belt, and denim; all are present in Silvia Bergomi creates for her own take on this street style theme. Fawn prints are boasted by Carlotta Oddi while Phil Oh uses the same prints but on a belted coat. And we have not come to the most fantastic thing of all that can be found in this fashion exhibition.

Meet Anna Dello Russo’s creation, a dress with a print of killer whales on it plus a coat from Prada with a rainbow come spouting from the bottom part of the coat. Certainly a spectacle to enjoy! Many things can be derived from Milan fashion week 2014, but, ladies, the street style section definitely satisfies all your senses. It is always nice to see something that you can relate to without feeling having to step up on your game a little too high for your taste. Browse for the gallery of the reported event and you can see for yourself how amazing they look.

 street-style-mfwSS14 redImage via harpersbazaar.com

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