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Pleated skirts are always elegant, and they are fiercely popping up for the spring and summer season. They are being seen in maxi lengths and below the waist in maxi dresses. What to wear with pleated skirts that will make it look even more pretty, dainty and elegant? What about long pleated skirt outfits and black pleated skirt outfits? There are so many choices really!

Pleated skirts aren’t really ideal for every day, especially if they’re long, flowing and whimsical. Pleated skirts are most eye catching so it’s always best to not wear something on top that’s going to take away from the pleats. Cotton three-quarter length solid blouses can work with more casual pleats, and if you have a beautiful, long flowing pleated skirt you might thing of a more dressy long sleeve shirt.

Black pleated skirts can look elegant, and you can also have a lot of fun with them. You can wear a sparkling tank top or short jacket, or a simple long sleeve white shirt and some simple white or black strappy sandals. Again, one of the biggest things you should avoid is putting too much on top of a pleated skirt. The pleats are stunning, and this is will be the focal point of your outfit.

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If you are lucky enough to be tall and slim, the pleated maxi skirt with a tank top and long flowing hair will make you look angelic. No need to overload this type of outfit with accessories- be flowing, free and airy. Allow the pleats to radiate your femininity, and let your heart be full knowing that above all, you are a beautiful woman with a fantastic sense of style- one others will want to copy!

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