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The tortoise shell earrings are believed to make you look great even when you are styling in the minimum level. It is because the earring and the tortoise motif have its own natural eccentric and stylish element that makes it different from the other earrings. Such earrings are available for purchase either in the original state or as fake items.

Tortoise shell earrings usually come in hoop earrings designs with tortoise motif on them. The natural colors are generally brownish – sometimes rather dark green – with unique patterns on them. Although the earrings are usually coming in hoop model (which means that they are round), it is also possible that they come in rounded square or rectangle. But the patterns and colors are the same, and somehow the look of the earrings creates this vintage and retro feel.

The earrings come in various designs and looks. For instance, there are simple round small earrings for those with petite figure. There are also simple big round earrings for those with bigger or wider body figure. There are designs of round circles inside bigger circles, so there seems to be layering of the circles. There are also square earrings or rounded square earrings. Basically, there are loads of different styles and models available out there, and your option is quite limitless.

There are some reasons why this kind of earring is quite popular. First of all, the pattern, natural color, and look are quite different from the others. Second, it looks very stylish and elegant despite the simple shape and design. Third, the earrings are versatile. You can wear it for formal events or for casual activities. Fourth, it is quite economical and affordable. The cool thing about this kind of earrings and necklace is that it is easily found and purchased. Fifth, it can make you look stylish, chic, and elegant without overdoing it.

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