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Do you want to know how to wear stripes this spring, without making yourself look foolish and overdress? Stripes can be an overkill, if you overdo it. It can make you look stylish and fashionable, but when you wear it wrong, it can turn chaotic and too much.

In case you want to wear stripes dress or shirt, be sure that the other elements are plain and not patterned. For instance, wearing a stripe shirt with black blazer or jacket, with black or indigo jeans can make you look great. Pair it up with black heels or even boots, you are ready to rock whatever events you attend! If you want to wear stripes dress, pair it up with black or white blazers, black heels, and you will look adorable. Never pair up the stripe shirt with patterned or floral outwear – you will look ridiculous.

You can also try these styles:

  • Pair up stripes blazers with plain inner, jeans, and heels. Carry professional looking working bag.
  • Pair up stripes pencil skirt with lacey blouse and heels. You will look cute.
  • Pair up stripes shirt with jeans, heels, and clutch.

Below are various stripe styles you can copy. Find your best and try it out!

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