burpees exercise benefit

Burpees Exercise Benefit Review

Burpees exercise is a combination exercise that will help you not only burning fat but also building the muscles at the same time. This exercise is also known as squat – thrust exercise as it is used as an aerobic exercise and in strength training.Β  It needs skills but this is not a problem for many people because burpees exercise benefit is the reason of why they do this exercise. Burpee is made for everyone as it is very efficient and most of all, it is very cheap. You don’t have to spend money to do this. That’s another reason of why many people like it.

Rumors say that this exercise has been developed by someone named Burpee, in security prisons where it is not allowed to have exercise equipment there. There are many variations of burpees. You can start this with a pushup move and then landing in a push up position and back to squat position.Β  You can also do the jumping distance burpee. This involves jumping forward with each leap in every end of repetition. Burpees can be done under the pull up bar also. You should grab the bar every time jumping up and then continue doing one pull-up.

burpees exercise benefit

What are burpees exercise good for? These are some benefits that you will get when doing burpees exercise.

  1. It is good for strength training – Burpees exercise is one of the great exercises to build and strengthen your muscles. The muscles that work while doing burpees include trapezoids, lower back, pectorals, deltoid, triceps, hamstrings, glutens, calves and also abdominal.
  2. It is good for aerobic exercise – Burpees will keep the heart rate up at a maximum rate.Β  Do this exercise about 15 to 30 minutes, it will be great your body.
  3. The best way for weight loss – You don’t have to do strict diets to maintain your weight. Burpees are known as the ability to burn fat fast and that is why this exercise is very effective to lose excess weight.
  4. Improve your flexibility – This exercise will increase the flexibility of body parts such as the back, hips, legs and core.
  5. Improve tone muscles – Burpees will work many muscles and areas of the body. This will improve muscle tone that can create a better looking.
  6. Improve cardiovascular endurance – Burpees can improve cardiovascular endurance as this exercise has the ability to reduce the fatigue of your muscles after long athletic events.
  7. More efficient and convenient – You don’t have to prepare any equipment to this exercise. Another burpees exercise benefit is that it can be done almost anywhere. You don’t have to go to the gym just to do this.

Although burpees exercise benefit is the reason you do this exercise but always remember that this exercise is not suitable to train some muscles groups, such as the pulling muscles. This activity can lead to possible injury and also muscle imbalances. This exercise can help you to build strength up to a certain level as it is good for aerobic and strength training workout program.