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Will bomber jackets, or for that matter the popular leather bomber jacket ever go out of style? Each year there seems to be a new way to rock a bomber jacket, and this fashion year is no different!

The trend expanded for ‘bomber jackets’ from the original sexy-pilot brown leather to include short jackets that were tighter at the waist level and were larger in the shoulders in sleeves.

Women can choose from several styles of ‘bomber jackets’ from the authentic-looking-like-a-thrift-store types, to satin coats with embroideries on the back like the ‘Pink Ladies’ in Grease. The secret on how to wear a bomber jacket is what you are wearing under it.

Young ladies look fantastic with a short pair of overalls and a bomber jacket to accessorize. Skinny jeans and tight tees always look very sexy with an open, old style bomber jacket- not zipped (after all, it’s a fashion statement!) One pair of strappy, chunky heels, a pair of cropped pants, a scarf tank and a bomber jacket- grab a hand bag and it’s on- you’re a walking fashionista!

In the winter, put on a pair of your favorite rugged jeans (you know the ones you like- worn to the nub!, and a cropped tight cable knit sweater donned by a brown leather bomber jacket- while walking around with your Timberlands- with the laces undone of course- and Voila! You’ve got the ‘hot Tom-Boy look’ without looking like you tried- which is exactly what you want to think. You are the envy of everyone with your style!

Bomber jackets will always be in some sort of fashion- exciting or not. Dare to wear one for an edgy, bold look!

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