casual outfits

Confused about choosing casual outfits to wear on this weekend? The trick is that you should pick the elements making up the overall outfits carefully but without straining yourself at all. The keyword is in the ‘casual’ part. Pick one that doesn’t exert glam so much as simplicity. Unless you’re up for a formal party, combination of loose t-shirts and comfortable shorts is more than enough to sustain your needs of going casual. Tone it all down a notch and you will be able to gain the perfect look you are aiming at.

So, let’s see how this mix-and-match thing works out for you. For the top, Victoria’s Secret Low-back Tee is just perfect. It’s white in color, which will be certainly suitable to enhance the casual look you are after. The heart-shaped motif drawn with just one simple black line exudes the essence of simplicity even more. Its short sleeve will accommodate your body to stay cool even if you wear it either for shopping or for going out to the beach in the middle of the day. Combining it with blue shorts with details of frayed tear can amplify the relaxed sense on your overall looks. The onlookers will know that you’re on top of your game and ready to take whatever thrown at you this weekend.


A pair of blue canvas espadrilles can complement the upper parts of the outfit. They insert this sense of high playfulness into your personality, indicating that you are an active individual even if weekend is a time for some enjoyments. Moving on to accessories, a bag, a pair of earrings, a bangle, and a necklace are perfect additions for the completion of your casual outfits. A slouch cotton bag may act highly functional as well as a helpful in ornamenting your appearance. A necklace of droplet shape with crystal as its pendant is a perfect counter to balance your casual look so as to prevent it from going over the top. Pick one from Baccarat as the collections are made to match every color representing the daytime’s change of light; from dusk till dawn. A pair of hoop earrings and a beaded bangle can close the deal and you are set to go for a nice weekend.