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crossbody purses

Be Active with Summer Crossbody Purses

After a long-long school or working days that seem to take forever, you could finally feel all the snow are melting, flowers are growing,...
summer outfits

“Pasteling” Your Bright Summer Days

Summer is identical and almost synonymous to bright colors such as yellow. This time, why not alter that thought a bit by applying pastel-colored...
fishtail braid tutorial bmodish.com

Five Minutes Hairstyle Ideas From Bmodish.com

Hairstyle is an important element of our appearance. Even if we wear the most beautiful dress but the hair is messy, we will not...
emma watson pixie cut bmodish.com

Chic Look Celebrities Hairstyles in Pixie Cut

For women who have a very short haircut, a pixie hairstyle can be the best idea for a stylish look. It is suitable for...
hair wand vs curling iron

Hair Wand vs Curling Iron: Which One Is The Right For You?

Hair Wand vs Curling Iron Review Today, it is impossible to do anything, although it is beyond your imagination. For example, having curly hair will...
wedding dresses

Unique Wedding Gown Trends 2013

Every bride likes to have something special and unique for their wedding day, especially the wedding gowns. Finding the perfect wedding dress can be...