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mint jeans spring outfits 2014

Inspirations for Spring Outfits 2014

Have you found the needs of getting the most suitable outfits spring 2014 frustrating because you don’t quite know which to pick yet? Well, fellow fashionista,...
caviar hot nail art

13 Hot Nail Designs You Can Try to Put on

Speaking of hot nail designs, my dear fellow nail art-lovers, will literally take a lot of time and spaces than we can normally expect. First...
red valentine nail design 2014

20 Modish and Stylish Valentines Nail Designs 2014

What else better to accompany you in a V-Day dinner than a bunch of valentines nail designs? Well, of course, you can say a nice...
Donna Karan pre fall 2013

Donna Karan Pre-Fall 2013 Newest Collection

The women’s fashion designer, Donna Karan put her ideas of power, strength, and women into her latest fall collection. This fall, she integrates structure,...