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diy big loop knitted beanie

14 Easy To Make DIY Beanie for Your Extraordinary Look

Hello fashion lovers, do you like wearing hat, band or some accessories for your head? Well, when you want to have something stylish, simple...
cute love painted flat shoes via bmodish

12 DIY Valentine Ideas For Your Sweet Valentine Moments

Hello stylish girls…. Valentine’s Day is the time to revive your feeling and strengthen your relationship with your loved one, right? So, do not...
diy embellished shoulders jumper

18 Creative DIY Sweaters for the Next Fall and Winter

Dear Ladies, do you have a bunch of out of date sweaters but too pity to throw them away? Then you must go further...
diy giant pearl bracelet bmodish

12 Creative DIY Pearl Accessories

Besides clothing, you also could use various choices of accessories so that you could have more attractive appearance. These days, there are various types...
DIY-Ice-Cream-Cone-Elbow-Patches bmodish

Fashionable DIY Elbow Patches

The clothes that you wear might determine your look. These days, here are various types of clothes and accessories that you could use in...
diy lace trim booties bmodish

Best DIY Booties Ideas You Need to Try

It is that time of the year when people are crazy about booties. Yet, maybe you are a little bit hesitant to wear yours...