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Hey all ladies out there! There is great news for you! Neck scarves, the time immemorial accessories, are now trending once again, but in the stylish way than ever before. A neck scarf may seem little, but believe it or not, it creates a BIG impact on your style. Wear a small, elegant scarf and you will find all heads turning towards you. Be a little creative and you will not need style advice. However, if you wish to gather a few ideas in your bag, here you go…

Try the loose kerchief style. Fold your scarf in half, knot in back, triangle in front. A square knot around your neck can also be a great idea for those who wish to achieve a cute look. For this you need to tie your scarf closely around your neck, put the knot to the side. How about putting on a small neck scarf, allowing it to peek out of the collar of a button-down shirt? This way it can add color and style to almost any attire. Paris knot can also be great. Fold your scarf with the diagonal line to form a slip knot and then adjust with the top end covering the knot. Spanish knot, butterfly knot, triple knot and more, there are endless choice to explore in these elegant accessories.

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