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The square toe cowgirl boots are able to deliver sexy, sassy, and tough effect for the wearers, without neglecting the feminine and stylish factors. When you want to look good in leather cowboy style, this kind of boots are the best options. The square toe design isn’t feminine, but there is somehow girly atmosphere from the accents and designs of the shoes itself.

This kind of boots is good when you want to make tough and strong impression. Not to mention that it is solid and sturdy, which is good for long lasting usage and wear. Unlike other feminine boots with pump or pointy looks, the square toe design is somehow more neutral. Whether you have constant work outdoor for the whole day, or you just want to make a fashion statement, this kind of boots is a must have.

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Being stylish doesn’t always mean that you should be spending a lot. Do you know that you can actually have a high quality and stylish square toe boots with less than $300? Some of them are even sold below $200. If you have Frye Harness products, for example, you spend around $267 for a pair of good boots. Or if you prefer Ariat Legend with its unique embossed character, you will spend only $170 in general. If you go for ankle boots, the Earth Wickwire can provide great examples of good pair of cowgirl boots. By spending only $80, you can get a pair of ankle boots with natural and beautiful black or brown hues.

These boots are available in different lengths. Whether you want the ankle boots, the knee boots, or even the over knee lengths, be sure that you only choose the best quality. It is best to choose all leather cover, so your shoes will be long lasting.

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