It’s always a risk of wearing high heels when a girl should choose between fashion and comfort. Thus wearing high heels will make a girl feel like a “real girl”. High heels are not always about special occasion because girl should have had a chance to wear it daily as they are going through a day. Probably only to work but it will show the man around the aura of her personality.

These Maria Lorenzo shoes claim to be the high heels that won’t make a girl feeling uncomfortable wearing high heels. With its price in scale of $550 to $700 it’s not as difficult as facial treatments that a girl could ever get to afford. Yet with its price, Maria Lorenzo is still luxurious and fancy shoes. You would say that these high heels are a kind of limousine for shoes.

Maria Lorenzo, the owner of this shoe is also formerly a model, so she understands how it feels wearing just common high heels every day, including the painful on your ankle and basically just your foot. Don’t let the assumption haunting you to not wearing high heels. Show off your personality and you will get unexpected gasp from those who secretly adore your style.

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