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When you want to have a unique and personal jewelry that is different from the others, consider having rutilated quartz jewelry. There is something unique and different about this type of mineral. Basically, rutilated and quartz are different minerals with their own characteristics and traits. but often time they are growing within one another –which is scientifically unique and odd. To understand more about this jewelry, it is important to take a deeper insight of each mineral.

Rutile is a shiny and starry stone mineral. It is known for its asterism in stone. It is made of titanium oxide, titanium metal, and also white bright pigment. Its main characteristic is its ability to absorb UV light; that’s why it is also used in sunscreen production. Rutile can create different effects and colors in a single stone. When rutile is found within crystal quartz, it is known as rutilated quartz.

Quartz, on the other hand, is a common mineral found on earth. High temperature and pressure will create different inclusions types of quartz from smoky rose to clearer ones. When rutile is found within the quartz, the overall effect is just amazing. The quartz won’t be plain or simple anymore; in fact, there will be delicate yet intricate and unique patterns on the surface of the stone. There will be bright white or golden streaks or threads on the quartz. Rutilated quartz can be found in Norway, Brazil, Australia, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Madagascar, and also America.

It is no wonder that rutilated quartz can be great alternative of stone in jewelries because of its natural beauty. It is true that it can’t be compared to diamonds, but still….it has this aesthetic and natural beauty in it. When you choose rutilated quartz jewelries, be sure that it is real and hard, as the natural stone is rather hard to cut or shaped.

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