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Smokey eyes have become the trend style for some time and it is still in fashion until now. This make up will turn you not only to be more stylish but also mysterious. Many people are not comfortable with Smokey Eyes Makeup as they cannot apply it properly on their eyes. Β But after knowing how to apply this make up properly, you will realize that it is good and you will start to like and use it all the time.

Many people are reluctant to try Smokey Eyes Makeup although they really want it for their makeup. The truth is that this make up is not as difficult as many people think. It is very easy to apply it and doesn’t need time to do it. You will probably need about 10 minutes to finish it. The key to get prefect Smokey eyes is proper blending. It means that you have to be sure that the colors you used are blended together flawlessly. To start applying this type of make up, you should prepare eye primer, two shadows (one light, one darker), makeup brushes, eyeliner and mascara.

Smokey Eyes Makeup


How to Get the Perfect Smokey Eyes Makeup?

To start having perfect Smokey eyes, the first thing that you need is an eye shadow base. This is also known as β€œeye primer”. It is very simple to do it. Just wipe the primer across the eyes and then wait for a moment to let it dry before continuing to the next level. The key having this type of makeup is keeping away eye shadow melting into your eyelid as the day goes on and this first step is the best way to prevent it.

The next step that you have to do is to apply eyeliner. If you want to have black, brown or gray Smokey eyes, then you have to apply liner in one of those colors above the upper lash line and draw line thicker in the middle of eye also. If you desire to have a jewel – toned eye then you should line your eyes with a purple, blue or deep green liner. After finish this second step, you should blend in colors on bottom lashes. You can use an eyeliner pencil to get the best result. After drawing the line, use your finger to smudge the line. You can also apply a shadow to get full smudge effect and after that apply the light base color. This is also the key to get perfect Smokey eyes which is pairing a lighter based with the darker hue.

After you have the base color and eyeliner, it’s time to make Smokey effect. You will need a darker eye shadow shade to get that effect.Β  Use your makeup brushes, especially the eye shadow brush to blend colors into the lash line so the eye liner disappears. Yes, the key for having perfect Smokey eyes is to blend and blend. And for the last touch, you can apply a few coats of mascara. This step will make the lashes thick and dark.

Smokey Eyes Makeup

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