maxi skirt, black leather jacket and ankle boots bmodish

What to wear with ankle boots? Many women are still confused in deciding what clothes that suit worn when using the ankle boots. If the clothes do not fit with the ankle boots that are used it can make the appearances are becoming less relevant. Clothing selection becomes very crucial at a time like this. And of course you do not want to be seen as one of the less fashionable people when you wear an ankle boots. So ladies, please pay attention carefully to the selection of the clothing that worn when using the ankle boots.

Ladies, if you’re still confused about what to wear with ankle boots, now you do not have to be worry anymore. The following are tips on how to combine ankle boots with good clothes.

  • Stockings. If you wear a mini skirt, do not forget to use stockings to give a dramatic impression on your feet. The color of skirt and stockings must be matched with the ankle boots.
  • Leggings. Ankle boots are also suitable if combined with various colors of leggings.
  • Casual theme. If you want to look casual, wear jeans and T-shirt.

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maxi skirt, black leather jacket and ankle boots bmodishImage

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maxi dress and ankle boots bmodishImage