blue belted dress shirt

Hello girls! Are you going out today? Well, maybe you need to spare a little time to read this important article. Why is it important? We are going to tell you about how to dress up your body with the great shirt dress. Well, people said that using the dress is only for formal attire as well as attending the formal event or party. But here, we would like to show you that the shirt dress even can be used to obtain the street style. Whoa, simply you will think this suggestion is apparently rough.

First, you can choose the shirt dress regards to your favorite color. Then, you shall find a unique and cute hat to beautify your head. Second, you need to find the thick and wide belt to tie up your dress as well as beautifying it. Make sure that the belt is colorful and different from your shirt dress color. So, it will give the line between your upper and lower part of body. To make it more street style, you can even bring the big handbag in your left hand. I think you are going to be the most attractive person in the street. For that, you have known how to obtain the street style from shirt dress.

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blue belted dress shirtImage


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