summer outfits

One thing for sure about summer outfit is that you should go for something that is fluidly flow. The heat from the season requires you to wear something with great breathability like a chiffon mini dress with v-neck cut on its upper part. It is also sleeveless so you can imagine just how comfortable wearing the dress. And the motif of floral is also appropriate for the season.

Still, if you are to walk outside, you are going to need a protection from direct exposure to sunshine, just the way a jersey from Denham can give. Its long sleeves will cover you arms as you enjoy the bright outdoor scene. Italian-leather Coach Lucy shoes can work out great for your appearance. Their 4 inches long heels and gladiator-like design will cement the sultry image you may gain.

A pair of 18 karat gold-plate earrings is beneficial to increase your elegant-chic look as is a large leather hobo bag from Brook Brothers.

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summer outfits

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