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Ballerina nails have hit the salons on every corner, perhaps it was the modeling of these fresh manicures posted to the social media pages of celebrity trend setters, such as the Kardashian sisters and Demi Lovato or maybe it’s the practicality of the shape that makes them so popular. The ballerina nail shape is like the classic ballet slipper in that it narrows down to a flat tip which elongates the look of your hands. This elegant shape is here to stay, let’s talk about where this trend is headed and what you will be seeing.

Ballerina Nail Polish Color

Many women love the feminine, natural light pink tones for their ballerina nails, it gives an understated and well put together appearance. As we head into the cooler months, darker shades are becoming much more popular, specifically the military green color.

Textures.Β When referring to nails, you don’t often consider textures, however the ballerina nails have set one of the biggest texture statements by using matte polish. The flat lack-luster appearance of matte polish is seen trending all over this nail shape. Among the most popular matte colors are black, charcoal gray and plum.

Length. Ballerina nails don’t have to be uncomfortably long to make a statement, everyday women are rocking this look by making them the same shape only much shorter. The narrowed look and flat tip of these nails create an elongated illusion without all the hassle of length.

Ballerina Nails DIY

Do-it-yourself divas rejoice, as ballerina nails are one of the easiest shapes to recreate at home. Start by filing one sidewall of your nail straight down, as if you were going to form a sharp tip, repeat this step on the other sidewall of your nail. This should look almost like a pointed nail but not sharp, the final step is to file the tip straight across into a flat square.

As with any other well done manicure, ballerina nails are being accessorized with jewels, studs, custom paint jobs, a mix of polish textures and extra focus on the tips. For more inspiration, check out the stunning manicures below.

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