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You want to try something new with your makeup? Try orange lipstick-makeup. Anyway, I am a big fan of orange, so let me show you how orange can make your day. Orange lipstick can be one must-try makeup idea for you.Β  It’s becoming one of the beauty trends in 2014. Some people think it’s a difficult trend to follow but trust me it is easier than they think.

Don’t worry if you have a dark skin tone, golden tan, or paler skin. Orange will make your makeup gorgeous. Orange has no problem with any skin tones, so there is nothing to worry about the shade. However, although orange matches in any kind of skin tones, you should have to find a shade that suits you. The lighter your skin tone, the darker the shade. There will rich or burnt orange and softer orange. The rich or burnt orange will suit darker skin, while the softer one will suit the paler skins.

One significant point of orange lipstick makeup is it is always already making a statement on your makeup, so no need for you to apply your eye makeup. If you want to do eye makeup, make sure eye shadow, liner, and mascara are kept in minimize. Add a little mascara on your eyelash. Bear in your mind in applying orange lipstick for your makeup, you have to value the idea of a simple makeup. After you are done with your orange lipstick, keep the rest of your make up simple. The last but not least, don’t go glossy. Orange is already making a state so you just do not need any glossy.

Now, you can try your new orange lipstick. It can be your simple and easy everyday makeup. You will get a simple yet elegant makeup for your day.

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