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Summer offers relief from the layered winter clothing and allows your skin to breathe. Open back top outfits are the perfect choice for the summer season. The flirty open back top is the signature laid back and breezy look to beat the heat in this balmy weather.

The divine open back tops pack in enough allure to add more drama to your look on a sultry summer night out and allow you to flaunt your body in the chicest ensembles. Follow your style instincts to pull off a trendy, stylish look as you wear your classy backless shirt.

Spice up with a Bralette

bralette backless summer outfit


A chic and casual way to rock a backless top is to pair it with a bralette. This comfy combo will give you an effortlessly chic and trendy look. Glam up your day with a cute lacy bralette paired with a simple open back shirt and feel the difference in your look.

All Hail Ripped Skinnes

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Try out the denim trend by pairing your favorite pair of ripped skinnes with a grey open back top. Get daring in a red backless shirt with cut out shoulders and make the heads turn! You can even wear a backless shirt for a casual hangout with friends. Let the sweet warmth of the Autumn sun kiss your shoulders as you enjoy a drink with your girlies!

Embrace your Boho Vibes

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This boho look is perfect for a summer day. Try out a cute open back lace top with denim high waisted shorts. You can also go for the chiffon openback tops and pair them with leggings and stylish peep toes to create the perfect image of a girl-next door!

Leather is the way to go

A backless shirt paired with your glossy leather leggings is a charmer. Finish off his glam look with some sneakers or a glamorous pair of pencil heels.Out for a dinner party in Fall 2016? Put a leather jacket atop your lacy open back top to create a stylishly chic look. It will not only give you an edgy look but will also help you to keep warm in the cold night.

Take cue from this post and create an ultimate look using a stylish open back shirt. Your peers will turn pea-green with envy as you walk down the street in utter style and with supreme confidence; coz you are worth it!

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