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Turning your head toย natural makeup lookย is perhaps the smartest move you can take once you have been too tired of the same bold, bright, and heavy one. It is also a perfect hack if you are seeking a way to look fresher. Sometimes, natural look works better as it allows you to shine without the help of too much makeup. And sometimes, you know, bold makeup could hide exactly the feature of your face that makes it irresistible in the first place.

Closely associated with nude look,ย natural makeup lookย puts the emphasis on the use of less bright colors. It tends to blend with your natural skin color and it favors none of the face features. Everything gets its part on the show. By matching the color palette with your hair color, you could appear even more natural as no contrasting hue would be resulted.

And somehow,ย natural makeup lookย works well with wavy hair. Or if you have naturally straight hair and you donโ€™t want to mess it with curling iron, try disorganized look. You know, the one where you leave your hair kind of messy and uncombed and all.

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