sideway ruffian nail art

Hello fashion trendsetters! ย Would you not agree that an outfit is just not complete, without that perfect manicure? A few season’s back the ever so popular moon manicure was a big trend. Well this season it is back, but with a twist! The ruffian manicure is the latest craze. It is so chic, and easy to do yourself.

Step by Step Guide to Do Ruffian Manicure:

Step 1:ย 
With all manicures you start off with a good base. Nails are to be clean, smooth and buffed before applying your clear base coat.

Wait for it to dry completely before moving onto step 2.

Step 2:
For your smiling crescent moon. Select a color of your choice. Paint the entire nail. If you live for a fashion statement go for contrasting colors. Most ruffian nail art will have a light color as the moon crescent and a dark color on top. Keep it streak free, or colors bleeding into each other by allowing it to dry completely before moving onto step 3

Step 3:
Once color 1 is completely dry. Apply color 2. It is extremely important to have a steady hand. For your ruffian nail art to look professional, you must use a nail polish that will do 2 layers max. More than that it will look sloppy and uneven. Do not use a shear nail polish.

Place a drop of nail polish in the middle of your finger. Push the drop down and in a downward movement brush the polish to where you would like your two colors to meet. In an upward movement move paint to the top of the nail. Repeat process on the left and the right side of the nail. Remember to follow the curve of the base.

Cheat Sheet! You can use french manicure stickers. Simply turn them upside down. Before putting on the stickers, your color no 1 needs to be completely dry. It will smudge or even worse lift up the color. I am sure will do not want to start all over again. Paint your nail with color number 2. Once dried remove the stickers.

Step 4:
To complete the look, when step 3 is completely dry. Apply your top coat. This will protect and seal your beautiful ruffian nails. Once dry you are left with your own creativity. You can add tiny polka dots or nail jewellery to complete the look and make your ruffian nails look je ne sais quoi!!

Don’t have idea how to create your ruffian nails? Don’t worry, here are various ideas for you! Enjoy and stay update with

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