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For some, something like kimono cardigan might come as a surprise. Well, it’s understandable, really. After all, it’s a kimono-shaped cardigan; basically, they are two very different things smashed together. But make no mistake; what once sounds impossible can be the right weapon for you to enforce your appearance altogether.

A kimono cardigan is a fusion of west and east. The flowing effect of a kimono combined with the highly functional nature of a cardigan make for an outstanding getup. You can look casual and dressed-up all at once wearing this piece. And, given proper matching, this kind of cardigan can also be worn to a rather formal occasion. Of course, you will have to do some tweaking for the ensemble to work out. If anything, you can always rely on this type of cardigan to one of your summer outings. Like, when you are going to the beach, a cardigan of this shape would make for a great outfit for it promotes higher airflow and all.

By adding some accessories to your kimono cardigan-based appearance, you can make most of it. Big necklace, large bracelets, hand purse, a pair of shade; everything will complete one another.

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