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It is quite normal to prepare your cute summer outfits when summer is just around the corner. Summer is always associated with fun and cheerful stuffs. The warm air and the bright settings are able to boost moods and positive feelings. To be prepared against the warm – and probably humid – condition, it doesn’t hurt to know what kind of styles or outfits to prepare, so you can still look fashionable under the bright sunlight.

Having a summer dress is certainly helpful, but it doesn’t mean that you should wear the same dress during summer. There are lots of options that you can consider. Choose light, colorful, and bright clothes that aren’t only good to absorbs the sweat, but also comfortable to wear. Get your flip flops or sandals ready. Even if you decide to stay wearing high heels, it is better to choose the strapped ones or open toe shoes, instead of the enclosed ones like pumps. It is also the right time to take your shorts out of the closet. Wearing skirts or shorts won’t only make you fashionable and stylish, but also make your comfy all through summer.

Here are some possible examples and options for your summer styles:

  • Wear white 7/8 sleeves top with jeans. Have a brown belt for accent. Pair it up with open toe shoes and handbag, you look professional and also model-like for your office hours.
  • Wear a sleeveless shirt with jeans. You can try colorful jeans like pink, green, or even brown. Pair it up with open toe wedges, shoulder bag or clutch, and sunglasses, you will be ready for an evening hangout with your friends.

Looking stylish doesn’t always have to be costly. Consider mixing and matching, or use your collections. It doesn’t hurt to take all your stuffs out of the closet and see which are good for the summer.

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