casual button up shirt style bmodish

Channel your inner masculinity with button up shirt. The shirt was specifically made for men but, as it always happens in fashion industry, what men wore in the past can also be applicable for women today. This repurposing means a lot in revolutionizing the way you could dress yourself up it results in you having a wider selection of getup to experiment with.

A button up shirt for women is of course made accordingly with a woman’s body. That means, the shirt should be somewhat form-fitting on the torso part of it thus making you even more confident wearing it. So what works best with this shirt? Mostly, given its masculine and casual nature, a button up shirt does a great combo with a pair of denim. But that does not mean you should limit its use to only a pair of jeans. The shirt could also do an amazing work when coupled with a skirt and if you pick a sleeveless variant, you could obtain an easygoing effect to your look.

Wearing a button up shirt that has striped motif and combining it with a pair of denim short should give you an even more casual look as the result. Try every possible combination below.

long blue shirt with short bmodishImage

 casual button up shirt style bmodishImage

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stripe sleeveless pink shirt bmodishImage

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