how to wear long skirt with backless top

Over time, miniskirts have been replaced in fashion trends with longer, sleeker skirts. This style of skirt draws its inspiration from a variety of hippie touches that emerged in the 1960’s and the 1970’s. Whether adorned with prints, brightly colored or neutral, a long skirt is an ideal fashion option for women of all styles, shapes and sizes.

The following will guide you through the very best ways for wearing and accessorizing the article of clothing and how to wear a long skirt.

Disguise Your Tummy

With a long maxi skirt, you are able to easily disguise a rounded tummy while continuing to be trendy and more. Simply place the skirt just below the breast or wear them at the smallest part of your stomach. Add a button down shirt that is tied at the bottom and present a beautifully camouflaged version of yourself.

How to Pair

For a great pairing option, wear either a short tunic or a longer shirt over the skirt. Make sure that the shirt is not too long that it causes you to look stumpy, but falls just about to the hip. Do not tuck the shirt, allow it to hang loose and open over a crop top, tank or camisole. For a more fashionable look, add a sequence tank or one adorned with beading and a strappy heel and statement necklace.

Find the Right Length

It can be a bit of a challenge to find the proper length of skirt given that we are all different heights and shapes. Simply keep in mind that the length of the skirt should be in direct accordance with your personal height; and experimentation and hemming may become a requirement. For taller women with a slim build, this type of skirt is ideal for them. Women with this body type will be able to easily add a floral pattern shirt and more for a fun and flirty bohemian look.

Need more inspirations? Don’t worry, here are stylish ways to wear your long skirt. Enjoy!

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