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Blazers are now a major part of a good number of wardrobes. Not only is the style ideal for the workplace but it can even help you add a great, final touch on the most casual of outfits. Despite the fact that blazers are simple to style, you could possibly get into a handful of difficulty with longer blazers.

The length of a regular blazer enables it to be worn with nearly anything. Even though the long blazer may appear the same the additional length may be seen as strange if matched with the wrong clothing. Most long blazers stop between the hips and the knees, and they’re perfectly styled with apparel of similar length or somewhat longer.

If you’re all set to experiment with this sleek and chic style of putting on long blazers, listed here are a number of outfits tips to create the best look.

Long Blazer With Skinny Jeans

A powerful way to style long blazers is by putting on skinny jeans. At times the additional length of the blazer has a tendency to add bulk to the body. The most convenient way to counter this is by showing exactly how narrow the body actually is. Dressing in skinny jeans is an excellent way to deal with the narrow legs that helps to do away with most of the size you get with the long blazer.

Long Blazer Outfits With Boyfriend Jeans

Even though putting on skinny jeans is the greatest way to take off the bulk of the blazer from your body, boyfriend jeans can easily help make a brilliant look with long blazers. As observed in this look, the model creates an effortless casual look with her boyfriend jeans and black blazer. Even when the jeans are loose-fitting, they actually have a narrow leg which goes on to give the body a well-balanced look.

Long Blazer Outfit with High-waisted Jeans

In an incredible look with a long blazer, model Chrissy Teigen shows just why high-waisted jeans blend with long blazers. Considering that the blazer falls much less than normal, it translates into a great leveled effect between the waist and the hem of the blazer, she finishes off her outfit with a simple white t-shirt and sandals.

Equal Lengths Long Blazer Outfits

When talking about long blazers, the length might present you with a bit of an issue. One more general guideline with regards to this specific type is the fact that they work wonderfully with items that are of similar length. In this particular first casual blazered look, we see a white blazer matched with a straightforward gray tee shirt and burned out denim shorts. Even though from behind, it may possibly seem as though the model isn’t putting on anything at all but a blazer, the style appears easy and intentional.

Knee Length

Certainly one of the best tip on how to style a long blazer is by putting on an outfit which is actually made for it. In a white suit look, a lengthy white blazer matched with a white knee-length pencil skirt would be perfect. Putting on long blazers with clothes that drop below the knee typically looks strange unless of course they are pants, hence looking at knee length or above is perfect. This moderate outfit could be finished with a black blouse and a white handbag.

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