Meesh & Mia Women’s Fashion Collection for Super Bowl includes various clothing such as dresses, vests, leggings, and jackets.  The collections feature some details like crystal embellishment, faux fur, and snakeskin fabrics. The apparel comes with a fashionable image of the logo of Super Bowl XL VIII.

Meesh & Mia got a license from National Football League to manufacture women’s apparel for Super Bowl and its supporting teams as well. The fashion collections have been put in the market retailers. The collection is available both at major market retailers and online stores. The president of Meesh & Mia, Elizabeth Turley said that it was a great pleasure for a chance given to her company to cooperate with NFL to offer exclusive apparel for female fans in a way they can be able to show the support and love for the team and the game as well.

Meesh & Mia Women’s Fashion Collection for Super Bowl Let Female Fans Show Their Love To Their Team

Meanwhile the Director of Costumer Product from NFL, Rhiannon Madden, expresses the excitement to welcome Meesh & Mia to the roster of NFL licenses and work together to let female fans know how to show their love to the team in every performance. Meesh & Mia has been very popular in manufacturing and marketing US apparel in the US. As, female fans have important role in every match, he believes that the apparel collections will contribute a lot to the success of the team. Super Bowl has a lot of female fans. It was very motivating for the team to see their fans wearing apparel which shows the identity of the team. Meesh & Mia was also glad to know that the collections were really showcased in New Orleans on February, 3, 2013.

Meesh & Mia Women’s Fashion Collection for Super Bowl

Meesh & Mia Super Bowl Collection

Meesh & Mia Super Bowl Collection

In that big event, all supporters were dressing up in red, gold, and purple. Many of the female fans were wearing apparel from Meesh & Mia collection. Until know, fans still can buy the apparel displaying the logo of Super Bowl. In addition, merchandises showcasing the AFC and NFC champions’ logo are also still available. You can buy the apparel as well as the logo in,, and NFL But it is also possible to find the collection in other online retailers. But, you have to be quick as the collections are only available in limited edition. Here, you can find super blink jackets, sunrays dresses, charcoal sweaters, animal printed tops. To ensure every buyer get the right size, the apparel comes in six sizes from X-small to XX-large. (Image)