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The 70’s style comeback implies that quite a few popular trends of the decade are being re-introduced with a modern twist. From A-line skirts to sensuous suede and dressy denims to timelessly elegant and glamorous laced up clothing, the 70’s era was undoubtedly the decade of dynamic,energetic styles and panache.

The lace-up detailing was witnessed in the ensembles presented on the spring runways this year. The hottest celebs such as Gigi Hadid and Kim Kardashian have flaunted the style with their signature charm and class.

How to pull off lace up clothing

Scroll down to read about the hottest lace-up dresses and ideas to pull off this dazzling fashion accessory with elegance and appeal.

Substitute Button-Downs with Lace-up

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2015 was all about button-down tops and shirts. However, the current year emphasizes more on the revival of the 70’s style. You can replace the conventional button-down top or tee with a stylish lace-up front. Opt for pure white or mesmerizing black colors to complement the sophistication offered by the lace-up clothing. You can couple it with your favorite pair of denims or any knee-length or mini skirt of your choice. Go for a complementing chic lace-up pair of shoes to complete the look.

Lace-up Floral Dress

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Spring/summer closet is incomplete without a floral touch. A floral midi dress featuring the lace-up style will give you a fresh spring feel. It also allows you to adjust the fit as per your requirement. A stylish pair of pumps and a few elegant, sophisticated jewelry pieces will give you a charismatic yet graceful look. A must-have for your summer/spring wardrobe indeed!

A Lace-up Denim Top

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Denim is an all-time popular staple. Blend this iconic style with lovely yet very functional lace-up cut and look all amazing and enchanting. A pair of wedge heels and a nicely done hairdo will make you standout in the crowd.

Lace-up A-line Skirt

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One of the finest ways to carry lace-up style is to complementit with an A-line skirt. Paired with a Denim top or collar shirt will give you a refined look. Search for a pair of lace-up booties or high heels to amaze everybody.

Lace-up Tank

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Nothing can beat a nautical –influenced lace-up tank that you can wear casually with confidence and style. Fitted jeans, subtle make-up, a headband and a pair of sneakers are enough for a chic yet defined look.

Still need more ideas? Don’t worry, here are our best picks for you.

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