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Yuma Katsura is pioneer within the world of bridal fashion. Katsura is able to provide wedding dresses that fully capture a bride’s true essence while delivering a uniqueness and elegance that is second to none. Each dress within the collection has been tailored and designed to expressly compliment a bride’s movement. This provides an elegant and beautiful shape whether in motion or at rest.

Each of the dresses that are placed within the Yumi Katsura Couture Collection 2016 is a work of art as it marks the 50 year anniversary for the iconic designer. From impressive designs, bold colors and whimsical accents, this collection of wedding stresses is sure to turn heads. From floral appliques to crystals and lace there has been no design concept or trend left untouched. Whether a bride is in search of a Yumi Katsura wedding dress that is short and flirty or one that is dramatic and aww inspiring; this collection delivers.

For 2016, there have also been bold colors added to the bridal line that include a deep, radiating black that exudes elegance in motion. Reds and silvers have also made their way into the collections as optimal accents to futuristic bridal designs. This is a collection for the bride that has dreamed of her special day since a child, but has the desire to be less than traditional while expressly stylish.

Katsura’s 2016 designs are certain to turn every aisle into an impressive runway as brides take center stage in any of the many offerings of the collection. The fusion of old world into new as well as the hints of whimsy make this new collection by far one of the top within the bridal industry. The Yumi Katsura Couture 2016 collection has definitively set the bar and it will be a hard one for fellow designers to match.

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