how to wear wide leg pants casually

Wide leg pants are coming up again which are being adapted in new styles by young girls and ladies. Instead of calling them as bell bottoms in recent past, they are called as wide leg pants. They are also mentioned as flare pants. If you have the right style know-how, you can convert them into fashion pieces without any issues. You should take care that your upper half will not be bulky so that you will not look heavy. The top should be selected so that it can be easily tucked in without any issues.

Here are some tips of how to wear wide leg pants that will give you classy look. In order to balance the style, you can wear a belt as per the feasibility. By wearing the belt, you will get an impression that the top is not running into the bottom. You should go for heels with wide leg pants so that illusion of longer legs can be obtained. If you wear a softer top, masculine appearance will be delivered. Hence, you should avoid the same. Loosely fitted or tunic can be worn to make the most of your wide pants.

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