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Those who think that sweater is a dead thing need to learnย how to wear sweater properly. Yes, yes; everyone knows how to wear clothing, itโ€™s not like that knowledge is soon to be extinct that one needs to learn how to wear something like a sweater. Itโ€™s how to wear it in order to gain certain effect that one need to appropriately observe.

So, exactlyย how to wear sweaterย so that you could fully benefit from it? Pair your sweater with a legging to create a calm image, especially if you are heading for a semiformal meeting. Not only could you wear this variation to a business meeting, you could also choose it to improve casualness. In other words, this is also a great example for you to have a fun outing. Hanging out with friends in a cozy afternoon? Take out that oversized sweater hanged inside your wardrobe and wear it with its neck reaching past below your shoulder. This, of course, works best with you wearing additional clothing beneath, like a tank top or something.

So, wanna know more aboutย how to wear sweater? Check this out.

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