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Slip dresses are sexy, period. And that is the whole point of them. They are comfortable and gorgeous, both at the same time. Slip dresses are an ideal attire choice for the hot seasons as they you can beat the heat by wearing them and look absolutely smashing while doing so. Slip dresses are ideal for any kind of occasion and can be worn at formal and casual events both. You can even recycle your slip dresses by pairing them with different garments, looks and accessories. Believe it or not, a slip dress paired with the right accessories and garments can transform your look. In our article today, we will tell you how to wear slip dress in different ways.

different ways to wear slip dress

Wear a Shirt Over Slip Dress

As mentioned, slip dresses are all about looking sexy. However, if you want to look a bit less sexy in a slip dress, wear a shirt or a cardigan over it. This is an ideal combination to wear at work or school or at any other place you do not want to look too sexy at. You can wear a sweater or cardigan with a slip dress if the weather is chilly.

Wear Less Makeup and Minimal Accessories

Minimal can be beautiful. Do not overdo your skip dress look at keep it minimal with little makeup and accessories. This will ensure that your look is not too over the top and just right for the hot weather that the slip dress is for. You can wear a nice peachy lip color with a light blush with small ear studs or bracelets and sunglasses. You can tie your hair in a bun for a chic look.

With a Front Open Kimono

Kimono and slip dress? Must sound like a funny combination? However, this combination is very cool and looks great as well. You can wear this combination at beach parties, casual hangouts, work and even school. The possibilities are endless. However, make sure that you wear a plain slip dress with a printed kimono or you can wear color blocking kimono and slip dress for a very stylish look.

Wear a Jacket

You can pair up your slip dress with a bomber jacket or a motorcycle jacket for a cool and edgy look.  The slip dress, which is otherwise made to look very feminine, can be turned into a sporty garment by adding a stylish jacket to it. You can often spot Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner rocking this look.

With a Blazer or Long Coat

With a slip dress, the possibilities are plenty. You can add a formal look to your slip dress by adding a blazer or a long coat to it. You can wear formal heels with this combo and carry a neat hair bun along with the right accessories to make your look completely fit for a formal meeting or a day at the office.

how to wear slip dress bmodish

So what are you waiting for? Go have fun experimenting with your slip dress looks. Here are another stylish ways to wear slip dress you should take a look at!

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