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Patterned tights have made a splash in the fashion world, and they’ve been a fun distraction from the serious, monotone beige and grey colors. Some patterned tights are just too busy, so there are definitely some ways to make them look great- and some ways you should avoid wearing them- for various reasons. Here are a couple of suggestions on how to wear patterned tights.

Some Definite ‘Dos’

1. Make it allll about your legs. Make sure that your legs look good in the pattern- whether they are long and shapely, short and shapely, or whatever shape your legs are- be sure to accentuate your legs. Of course the key is making sure you choose a hemline and a heel that shows off your stems- and make them look marvelous while still spunky and fun!

2. Strut around like you own the world. Confidence is what helps people pull off ‘the look’ they want. Be proud and confident, and your patterned tights will tell the tale of true fashion, and strength!

Some Definite ‘Don’ts’

1. Don’t make things too busy. We’ve all seen some of the patterned tights that just are.. well.. mostly unwearable. If you have a pair of busy tights, accentuate with solid colors. The worst thing you can possibly do is wear an equally busy tunic, or busy jewelry, or crazy shoes. The tights are enough to show off a crazy pattern- you don’t need to mix it up even further. Pattern tights outfits need to be one part busy, and three parts plain.

2. Don’t pair busy tights with a formal dress. Patterned tights are definitely not your best bet if you’re matching them up with a cocktail dress!

Please take a look at the collection of images shown to get a great ideas on how to wear patterned tights! Have fun with them!

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