Off shoulder would be the suitable outfit to accompany your activities in the summer. Summer is the perfect time to show the exotic side of your body. Do not embarrass yourself by wearing the wrong outfits that will make you look like a clown. Oh, come on! Never shy to express the sense of the fashion on your body in this summer. Wear off shoulder will make you look confident and exotic. And also you would be more comfortable on the move with style that stays classy.

And ladies, if you do not know how to mix and match your off shoulder there are some tips of how to wear off shoulder the right way. These tips will lead you to have a classy style.

  • Wear Hot Pants. It is summer time, ladies! Forget about your tight long jeans. Cut them off and use it as hot pants that will make you look sexy.
  • Long Skirt. Do you want to look elegant? Then choose long skirt and boom! Men will always glance at you.
  • Wear Accessories. Use a necklace, glasses and a cap to make you look classy with off shoulder.

zara wide leg trouser bmodishImage

Β stripe blouse with skinny jeans bmodishImage

knit sweater with maxi skirt bmodishImage

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lace top with maxi skirt bmodishImage

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