From flared to skinny and jeans skirt to a pair of denim pants, the high-waisted jeans is your ultimate power tool to pull off an alluring look that not only accentuates the curve of your waist but also shows off those toned, shapely legs. Depending on the shape of your body, the high-waisted jeans may look different on every one but overall, these pants help to highlight the best features of your body.

From Selena Gomez to Jessica Alba and from Kendall Jenner to Victoria Beckham, celebrities have been seen sporting this look often. It is thus no surprise that the high-waisted jeans trend has become a fashion statement in itself.

Once you are done with buying a perfect pair of high-waisted jeans that fits you just the right way, you face the ultimate styling dilemma. How to wear high waisted jeans? If you want to style your pair of high-waisted jeans like a pro, then look no further. Following are some of our favorite ensembles featuring a glam pair of high-waisted jeans.


High-waisted jeans and crop top outfit is a fashion match made in heaven.The crop top balances out the high-waist of the jeans and also makes your legs look longer. The possibilities are endless. Crop tops can also be paired with a blazer and wedges for a more formal look. Dress up your high-waisted pants with a high necked crop top and stilettos and rock the night away.

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Tucking that top into the waist line of your jeans keeps the look focused on your natural waist so you won’t lose the enticing feminine allure that these pants give you. Whether it is plaid lumberjack shirts, long-sleeve tops or your favorite tee, just go ahead and tuck it into your jeans. This look goes with everything from platform heels to booties.

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Striped shirts are a classic and look great with the high-waisted jeans. It is a flattering look that is sure to make the heads turn. Pair your black or navy colored high-waisted jeans with vivid striped shirt and finish off the look with a pair of stylish ankle boots.

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You can keep it simple and comfortable with your statement tee. Make it an outfit with an oversized cardigan. Accessorize it with a sparkly cross body and your favorite sneakers and you are ready for a movie date or a weekend brunch.

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You can play with your proportions and add a jacket or a blazer. This look works with everything from a tucked in top to a knotted one. Elongate your longs with some heels.

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Corset tops look amazing with these jeans. Your favorite floral top and pumps can give you a chic and retro look instantaneously.

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This look allows you to make a statement and look unique. You can tuck in a chambray shirt into your hig-waisted jeans and add a pop of color of your choice. Red stilettos and lipstick are super trendy.



Let your inner Bohemian beauty express her creativity with flowy, loose floral tops. Loose flowy shirts are extremely comfortable and you can play around with different looks. Have fun and play up the look with a structured, cropped leather jacket and some white platform oxfords.

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Take cue from this post and style your high-waisted jeans like a pro! Here are more style inspirations of how to wear high waisted jeans, just for you!

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