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Flare jeans are back, and they’ve gotta be better than jeggings, right? Okay, maybe not for some, but flare jeans do something that jeggings do not- which is make you look slimmer- that is IF you know how to wear them correctly. So, how to wear flare jeansΒ ? Here are a couple of options.

Nothing says chic like flare jeans, and they can be the most flattering jeans in your wardrobe. Be sure they fit to your waist and hips and then are snug right down to your knees, and then let them flare like a set of curtains! Wear a long sleeve snug tee. If you’re going for patterns horizontal black and white is your best bet. Or, any darker solid color will be fantastic. Tuck in your tee and wear a belt- something to match the top. Make it one color, and then slip on a pair of heels so your flare look makes your legs appear long and sexy! Hoop earrings and a cool watch would be perfect accessories!

When looking for flares, be sure to look for a dark blue with a worn look on the front of the thigh. This enhances your body’s shape. Out are the burnt oranges and reds this fall and winter, and in are the darker colors that make your body look fabulous!

If you’re not comfortable tucking in a tee for the flare look, have no fear- a nice sweater will be fine, and perhaps a pair of cowboy or riding boots underneath those flares for a chic and sassy look is in your style book.

Flare jeans are slimming, and they are very flattering! Don’t shy away from the flare this fall. Love the look, feel it and shine! Don’t forget to stay update with bmodish.com

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