what to wear with jumper

Hello fashionista… Fashion is not simple about clothes; rather, it also about style, personality, and identity. Do you think so, ladies? Well, when you have a high sense of fashion, you need to pay attention to what you wear, including jumper. This stuff is a small thing but really matters. When you look for some reference of how to wear a jumper, the following ideas may work for you.

How to Wear a Jumper Stylishly

Not only for the sake of making your body warmer or for protecting your skin from UV light, a jumper can also make your appearance amazing or messy, depending upon how you mix and match it with other fashion items. You can combine it with blue rustic ripped jeans and a T-shirt in various colors as a part of your street style.

For a campus day, combine the jumper with a plaid shirt. This layering technique will work greatly with skinny jeans. The good news is that combination of jumper and skinny jeans goes well with any kind of bags, such as sling bag, handbag, or even envelope bag.

The jumper will be very good for you who love fashion. You can check the following album to have detailed ideas of how to wear a jumper in a stylish way.

striped jumper with ripped boyfriend jeans outfitImage

royal blue jumper with white jeans bmodishImage

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turtleneck jumper with navy coat outfit via bmodish


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neon lime green jumper and silver clutch outfit via bmodishImage

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peach jumper with khaki skinny pants bmodishImage

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Oversized-sweater-yellow-short-gladiator-sandals bmodishImage

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baby blue open back jumper outfit bmodish


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