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Fall is the perfect season to start rocking a cargo jacket, but truthfully, it’s one of the most versatile pieces in a wardrobe, that can be used almost any time of year. For many fashion forward people, cargo jackets are an absolute staple in their closet. Thanks to the military green shade, cargo jackets are also gender neutral and flattering across the board.

Never be confused on how to wear a cargo jacket, it can complete any outfit and tone down your look without over doing it. Below are three examples of outfits complimented by a cargo jacket.

How to Wear a Cargo Jacket

Simple. One of the simplest, most casual outfits is a pair of your favorite denim jeans, a solid white T-shirt, either form fitting or baggy, and finally a pocketed cargo jacket on top. White tennis shoes, fall boots or even basic sandals can all be worn with this look.

Feminine. A classic tight black dress paired with a detailed green cargo jacket opens an entirely new world of shoe options for your night on the town. Since Cargo is a neutral, you don’t have to stick with the basic black heels anymore. Nude pumps, natural wedges and strappy sandals all look feminine and pair well with the transitional cargo piece.

Fun. The endless fabric prints we are seeing on leggings, shorts and skirts are the perfect addition to a cargo jacket. The cargo jacket simplifies and otherwise busy and loud outfit making it more appealing and less distracting. Colorful fun leggings, a tank top to match, and a cargo jacket are a great way to display a fun look without appearing childish.

Now that you understand how to wear a cargo jacket, it can complement many more of your outfits. Remember, since cargo is a neutral shade of green, it can complement black or white and everything in between. For a bolder look, a cargo jacket with details such as additional pockets, studs or zippers will stand out more on its own.

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