Once in a while, every girl has to face the situation where she is running late for a party and decides to put on her lipstick on her way to the event. Putting on lipstick while travelling in a car is an arduous task; by the time you manage to extract your lipstick from the depths of your bag you realize that it is crackedโ€ฆ. Yet AGAIN!!! So why not use your lip linerโ€ฆ.? and we will show you how to use lip liner as lipstick.

Lip liners add that extra definition to your lips, making your pout selfie-perfect. No lipstick is complete without a lipliner. Top Hollywood celebs swear by the Almighty lip liner for their beautiful, full lips. Using lip liners as a lipstick is hugely underrated. Let us reassure you, that you wouldnโ€™t be able to stop admiring yourself, once you are finished with your makeup. Read on to find out some lip liner tricks for fuller lips that last all day long.

The Perfect Color for your Lip Liner

First, you have to decide on the color you want to apply. Remember to opt for a color that goes well with your outfit and complements the event. Take a cue from this list to select that perfect, alluring lip liner color that will add more drama to your lips:

Lunch with friends:ย Set off your kohl-rimmed eyes, blue powder shadow, dewy skin and flushed cheeks some peachy-pink liner on your lips. The combo is absolutely divine for a causal luch with your girlies.

Cocktail party:ย Keep the lips soft with a pink liner topped with a conditioning lilac balm.Put shades of plum and mauve on your eyes and you are ready to rick the party.

Office party:ย You want to look fun yet donโ€™t want to overdo your look. Your best option is to go fordust gray shadow on the lids to give depth to your eyes and apply mascara. Finish off the look with rosy cheeks and a bold red pout.

New Yearโ€™s Eve:ย  Add a pop of creamy pink blush on your cheeks to give them luminous flush. Apply eye liner on the outer corner of your eyes to give a cat eye look. Put creamy orange-pinkish lip linerto add a spectacular finish to your look.

Tips for Using Lip Liner as a Lipstick

how to use lip liner as lipstick

Read on to know the tips how toย use lip liner as a lipstick:

Pre With Lip Balm

Lip liner is typically drier than a lipstick. So,you need to moisturizeyour lips to keep them hydrated. Chapped or cracked lips can ruin the overall look and you need to avoid it. Choose a moisturizing balm but be careful as you donโ€™t want your lipstick to run off your lips. One light layer of a good lip balm is quite sufficient.

Line your Lips

Start with perfecting the Cupid โ€™s bow by drawing a small V on the top of your lips. Donโ€™t smudge your lip liner and try to pull off a perfect shape in one go. The lip liner will be easy to control because of the balm that you had applied earlier. Line your lips carefullyยธdonโ€™t forget to line and fill the corners of your mouth.

Fill in your Lips

Next, start filling your lips like you would with a lipstick. Work from the outside towards inside and take your time.

Perfecting your Pout

Ensure that everything is just as it should be. Correct your errors where you may have gone off course (cars take sharp turns right?). Wipe your mistakes with a tissue and cover it up with some foundation. Use a small foundation brush for accuracy. Apply some powder if necessary.

Add that Glossy Sheen

You can skip this step if you want matte lips but for a clear, glossy finish, apply some of your favorite lip gloss. A bit of Vaseline will also suffice.

Use your lip liners as lipsticks like a pro and rock the night away!