A straw hat was originally designed to protect the head against heatstroke. However, in the recent past, it was developed to be used as a fashion element. A straw hat is a brimmed hat, which is made from straws or reeds. A straw hat is a perfect way to look super stylish in summers and also beat the heat. Let’s look at cute straw hat outfits that you can wear this summer.

Straw hat outfit with a romantic vintage dress

Pair up your wide-brimmed straw hat with a full dress. A knee length would be ideal to minimize the matching and to pair up with a skirt and a top. Finish your look with a nice pair of sandals and let the romance begin.

Straw hat outfit with a monochrome Restraint

Wear your straw hat with that plain single colored dress. The straw hat brings out the beauty, class and a desirable look on you. It spices up the somewhat dull appearance and makes you stand out.

Straw hat with power clashing pieces

That is another stylish trick that will pull off quite a bold look on you. You can achieve it by pairing print tops and bottoms. There are also more subtle styles which can be worn the same way. For instance, you can wear it with suits where the layering of the pinstripes, paisley, and checks is quite conservative.

Straw hat outfit with bold prints

A classic straw hat has that neutral tone that makes it stand out beautifully to a rather dramatic outfit. It not only makes the outfit eye-catching it also gives it a dose of refinement and class

Colorful trousers with straw hat outfit

Look out for something as comfortable and easy to wear like jeans, but more colorful and stylish. The colors could range from bright red, turquoise blue or bright green. Pair this up with a crisp white top and a brimmed straw hat to achieve the so desired sassy diva look.

Straw hat with stripes of all shapes and sizes

You can rock a straw hat with a short striped dress, skirt, top trendy, comfortable trousers, just about any striped thing. Never mind whether the stripes are thick or thin, horizontal or vertical you will do just fine. The final look gives you effortless appeal that is utterly undeniable.

Neutral separates straw hat outfit

Bring out the glam girl in you by wearing a trendy straw hat with a pallet cleanser.  Neutral draw the spotlight directly on you. This gorgeous look will bring out the relaxed yet sophisticated woman in you.

Straw hat with a matching Pajama Set

This great look brings together the comfort of a looser silhouette with the polish of coordinating items in luxe materials. That works best with rocking short pajamas with ideal sunglasses and a well-designed Straw Hat.

By following the tips listed above, you will easily learn how to wear a straw hat for different occasions and with different outfits. When worn, straw hat guarantees you explicit style and fashion taste that leaves heads turning. The various shapes, colors, sizes and designs ensure you are fully covered. With the countless ways on how to wear a straw hat, don’t you think it is about time you gave this classic and stylish accessory a try? Here are another inspirations to try now, stay stylish and modish with














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