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Dark lipstick is back with a vengeance, but you probably already know this! Dark lip makeup is hot, and it’s going to continue to be popular during this holiday season and through the winter.

Some tips on wearing dark lipstick- first of all don’t wear black lipstick. Black lipstick may have been the runway rage in 2008, but it’s more vampire than goth now. Stay away from this look. It’s not attractive.

Deep berry colors are totally ‘in.’ This look can be accompanied by pulling the hair back and wearing little other makeup. This way, your lips are luscious looking and it adds a twist of elegance as your lips are the center of attention!

Avoid lip pencils at all costs! Let’s face it, lip pencils simply look like you are coloring outside of the lines. It looks bad- and there are no exceptions. Throw away lip liner, or better yet, don’t get any in the first place!

If you have dark skin- be sure to use extra dark reds and maroons. The darker your skin, the more you can leave it natural, and people will tend to focus on your luscious lips and beautiful smile!

If you tend to wear an elegant twist, be sure to wear a beautiful red lipstick. It won’t look overstated, however it will look extremely classy and beautiful in every way. Nothing says ‘classy’ like a french twist and some great red lipstick.

A couple of very important things to remember- be sure that you aren’t wearing your dark lipstick on your teeth. Nothing is worse than seeing a beautiful girl smile with lipstick all over her front teeth- except for having to tell her! Also, be sure to keep your lipstick in your purse to reapply- you want to look your fantastic fashionista self the whole night long!

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