Going to college will make you feel burdened because you have to think about the outfit that would not make you ashamed. Well, for women, actually there are so many choices of college wardrobe that they can wear. You have unlimited choices of wardrobe to be worn when you go to the college. You can wear dresses, shirts, tank tops, or even men’s shirt. All of those things are look good on your body. That is why you should not hesitate when someone offers flannel plaid for your daily wardrobe to college. You can check the picture to see how women can be hot even if they wear flannel shirt.

Flannel shirt is a perfect choice for you who want to be seen as hot and chic at the same time. You might never imagine wearing flannel plaid shirt to campus but believe me; men will stare at you once you wear it. You can combine your flannel shirt with jeans and skirt. If you plan to wear jeans, than you can wear the oversized one with a tank top inside. However, the fitted one will be perfect if you combine it with your collection of summer best skirts.




black white flannelImage



coral pencil shirt with flannel plaidImage

sea green plaidImage

sleeveless flannelImage

street style flannelImage


denim shorts with flannelImage