hair wand vs curling iron

Hair Wand vs Curling Iron Review

Today, it is impossible to do anything, although it is beyond your imagination. For example, having curly hair will be no problem anymore for people who have straight hair. And what makes it more special is that the activity can be done at home. So you don’t have to go to salons or parlors just like in the old time. You only need tools such as hair wand and curling iron. These appliances are very useful for everyone, especially busy working women and college students who want looking great in curly hair without having to visit expensive salons. Some people like to use hair wand and some other like to have curling iron. This condition raises the idea of hair wand vs curling iron.

Everything is made to make our life much easier, that what the reason also when those appliances are invented. Those tools are made to fulfill our dream having hair styles that are different from the original. The important thing that you should be noticed is to know how to use or operate those tools in the right way.

So what the basic difference between hair wand and curling iron that can be the trigger of hair wand vs curling iron

hair wand vs curling iron

The hair wand has barrels made from tourmaline and ceramic that will enable you to hold the hair in the place. This tool has no clamp so you have to wrap the hair around it with your finger. Be careful when doing that activity as the barrels will get hot within seconds, so make sure that you don’t touch those with bare hands. You can buy hair wand that has protective gloves for your safety. Curling iron has a clamp that will lock the hair down or when you roll it upwards.

For some people hair wand vs curling iron idea is not a problem for them as they get the same result when they use those tools. But it will become a serious matter for some others who get different results from those appliances. Some of them say that hair wand is better that curling iron. Why? It is because hair wand gives more natural curled look. It also allows the hair to keep a better curl without falling out so fast.

Some others say that curling iron is better for you to have more ringlet effect of your hair style. But people who have thick hair find some difficulties to curl their hair using curling iron. Some users also say that because curling iron requires you to place your hair in a clamp, this can damage and break the hair. The heat of iron can also damage the hair shaft. On the other hand, many users say that hair wand is better and safer as it has ceramic or tourmaline barrels and negative ion technology. Those barrels can retain the heat longer and the negative ion technology can make less damage to the hair shaft. No matter what the ideas of opinions about hair wand vs curling iron, just make sure that you choose the best tools that suitable with your hair and your need.