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woven braid for short hair

19 Cute Braids For Short Hair You Will Love

Spring and summer are quickly approaching. As we buy some cute new dresses and some colourful spring clothing, we also have to keep new sassy hairstyles in mind. Celebrities and high fashion magazines are...
long fall wavy hair

Fall Weave Hairstyles You Will Fall in Love With

Fall hair color and fall hairstyles are colorful in beautiful autumn colors. There are several cute cuts trending and wonderful fall weaves hairstyles that look magnificent! If you're going for a color weave, test it...
casual half up top knot bun hair bmodish

How To Do Hairstyle Trend Half Up Top Knot

According to recent photos popping up everywhere of celebrities, half updos are back with a vengeance. Now before you go out and jump head first into this reemerging trend, you will need to note...
long weave hair 2 bmodish

17 Cute Weave Hairstyles To Refresh Your Look

Hell fashionista, you must be busy preparing yourself for your beautiful day. Of course, as a girl, you are already born with beauty. With good treatment, you will feel that the look is the...
cute ponytail with ribbon hairstyle

15 Cute Ponytail Hairstyles You Can Try To Change Your Look

Hello ladies, your hair must be one of the things you give the attention the most. Why this one should be used as the basis for your everyday life? Using the simple hairstyle like...
medium length platinum blonde hair bmodish

How to Get Platinum Blonde Hair at Home

Blondes have all the fun, don't they? That is more than a hackneyed phrase; it is a statement of fact. Of course you are skeptical but if you have never been blonde, how would...