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Hello fashion lovers… Valentine’s Day is coming and preparing proper Valentines Day outfits is important to welcome the sweet moment, right? Many women associate valentine with pink, red, and heart. That is true but not necessarily be. Every woman has her own style to state her feeling and love. What about you, girls? Are you a typical person who likes to express love by means of clothing?

Ideas of Valentines Day Outfits

There are many ideas of outfits to express your feeling. The following are some ideas of Valentines Day outfits from Polyvore you can have:

  • Choose all-red outfits by combing red sweater, a pair of red high heels, red clutch, or red trench coat. Combine them with a black skinny jeans or leggings to balance your look
  • For a romantic look, you can choose red mini dress with heart-shaped dots. Choose a pair shoes with the same patterns, but with white as the background. Combine them with heart-shaped clutch and other ornaments to symbolize your love.
  • Combination of red and dark blue is nice. Combine with plaid blouse with red and blue combination, dark blue skirt, red handbag, and red high heels. To symbolize love, put on heart-shaped earrings to adorn your look.

However, Valentines Day outfits are about not only red, pink, and heart shapes. You can wear all-black outfits and combine them with red clutch or wear a dress with ethnic patterns. Everything depends on your preference. Check out Polyvore outfit ideas below and choose your style ladies…

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be my valentine polyvore outfit bmodishSource

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