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Ladies, have you ever considered about having white street style fashion? For most people, white may be dull and boring, but you can actually look good in white – as long as  you know what to do and what outfit to choose.

There are some casual styles that you can choose for such street style look. For laid back and relaxed appearance, you can combine white loose shirt with white shorts. If you want to add up style, wear high heels to make the overall look more formal. But if you want to stick to the casual, go for white sneakers. You can also try combining white stripe cropped shirt with white cargo pants. Be sure that the cargo pants fit enough and not too baggy.

For rather sophisticated look, white shirt can be combined with Capri pants. The pants should be white, but having colored decorations can really help to make it ‘street-like’. If you like a rather sophisticated look, consider having white blazers with white pants or skirts. To make it edgier, combine it with boots or gladiator heels or wedges.

To avoid looking so plain with white, add other colorful accessories, such as colored clutch, colored working bags, or colored shoes. Below are some style for you, find your best style, and enjoy your performance!

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