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Letโ€™s go green girl! Maybe that was what Tony trying to say to you, when he made this collection. And, he successfully did it. Itโ€™s beautiful, with nice spring green color.

But, like its name, tony yaacoub couture spring summer 2014, you also can wear it on summer. Some of the beautiful dress in this collection has really suitable design for summer. Now, you donโ€™t need to worry, if you want to looks great on the hot beautiful day of summer. By the way, I like flower, and I believe that many women also like flower. Tony has beautifully read that thought and applies it on this collection. Just look at them. Flower is everywhere. Some of them even looks wild, so, just get ready to have crazily fun day when you wear it.

I also believe that Tony is a genius designer. All of these flowers arenโ€™t just placed on the fabric and voila, here comes the dress. Instead doing that random thing, he creates great design for flower placement that makes this collection looks great. And itโ€™s not only its appearance, but, its artistic value as well. So, enjoy this beautiful collection. I believe they will be your great reference for your fashion style.

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