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So, you wanna go out tonight and you want to wear sexy eye makeup to put the spotlight on yourself? Well, that is one tricky subject, although not something not-doable. The key is to find a way to emphasize the drama on your eyes. It’s like making your eyes the leading actors in a play that is your overall makeup ensemble. They have to be the scene-stealers instead of just being the supporting characters.

It is also important to take a note on how sexy eye makeup should frame your eyes well. Meaning, you are going to make a very symmetrical proportion between the two otherwise you won’t be able to create the perfect balance thus nullifying your very intention. Color palette is also another crucial aspect you need to consider before experimenting. You see, you have got to make sure that the hue won’t negate the color of your eyes.

For example, sexy eye makeup can be derived from arrangement centering on the color gold. Apply gold eyeshadow your eyelids and combine it with yellowish eyebrow liner as well as dark eyeliner. Put on faux lashes and voila! The dramatic look sure will elevate your sexiness.

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